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Fox ITSM Assessment Services provide an independent, objective view of an organisation’s IT Governance & Service Management effectiveness and efficiency. The approach enables the production of a comprehensive report, road map & CSI (Continual Service Improvement) Register that underpins the achievement of specified objectives using ITIL best practices, COBIT and the ISO/IEC20000 standard as required. The road map focuses on the achievement of the objectives in order of priority to the organisation, ensuring that value can be realised as early in the project as possible.

In order to provide objectivity and repeatability at all stages of the assessment, the assessment and delivery approach conforms to global best practices, as defined by the Institute of Auditors, and as embedded within the ISO/IEC 15504 standard.

Each assessment also draws upon Fox ITSM’s many years of proven experience, combined with industry best practice guidelines and frameworks, such as:


Assessment Approach

Initiation, Kick-Off & Process Workshops and Observations

The initial stages focuses on measuring the maturity and capability of the current service management environment and collecting the appropriate data about the organisation which is obtained via a combination of facilitated discussions, observation and reviewing documented working practices.

The Fox ITSM SA Service Management consultant will facilitate group discussions, through a series of kick-off meetings, initiation sessions and in-depth workshops covering specific processes, to gather knowledge of the functions, processes and procedures according to the current operational environment. The staff required to participate in the workshops will typically be process owners and practitioners. Where process owners have not been identified then members of staff with experience of the processes in question will need to be identified. It is not necessary for the same staff to be present throughout all workshops or for them to have an in-depth Service Management understanding. However, they do need to be familiar with the day to day running and management of the processes in question. Typically each workshop will last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the number and type of processes to be covered.

Should further clarification of points discussed during the workshops be required this will be achieved through informal interviews with the appropriate staff. Identification of the staff to be involved and scheduling of the workshops will be finalised in advance. Also, invitations explaining the scope and format of the workshops will be sent out in advance allowing time for any preparation and gathering of appropriate information.
The workshops and interviews will be followed up and reinforced through observing various processes in practice. Also, supporting documentation will be reviewed to check for completeness, accuracy and adherence to how working practices are actually performed. Again, the schedule of what is to be observed and supporting documentation required will be covered as part of finalising the detail of the scope and approach.

Analysis & Report Generation

Once the workshops and data collection for the assessment has been completed, the Fox ITSM consultant will analyse and evaluate all of the documented information from the workshops and data gathered during the observation and document review activities. All documented and gathered information and observations will be assessed against specified scope and objectives, working environment and documented best practices. The output of this analysis will be documented in a comprehensive report that drills down into each process within scope.

The report includes:

Presentation and Planning

Whilst the recommendations detail the specific items that need to be addressed, the next stage focuses on planning how the recommendations should be implemented.

This is achieved through an initial presentation of the findings to the stakeholders, allowing for further discussion. This presentation is then directly followed by a workshop to discuss how the recommendations can be addressed, and in which priority. With each consultant having real-world delivery experience, Fox ITSM SA are able to offer proven expert advice on how to successfully structure an improvement programme and implement the recommendations, including ways in which to accelerate and sustain continual service improvements.

Once this information has been agreed, the output can be documented into a final road map that details the plan for achieving the objectives within the required timescales and budget.

Fox ITSM Assessment Services are delivered by Fox ITSM’s Service Management consultancy team which has over 20 years of proven IT Governance and Service Management experience, mixed with some of the latest management concepts and real-world delivery experience.