Fox ITSM Consulting Services

Coaching and Advisory Services


The Fox ITSM coaching and advisory service provides customers with on-going access to our team of IT Governance & Service Management Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support your implementation and improvement initiatives. The assigned Fox ITSM Consultant will provide advisory and coaching services to your Process Owners, Managers and relevant resources via defined workshops, meetings and coaching sessions.


The phrase OODA loop refers to the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act and this cycle forms the basis of our interaction with our clients on a coaching and advisory basis.



Everything starts with discussion and observations about the environment, people, situations – in short, everything that can be seen, heard, felt or deduced. This is conducted through discussions, workshops and meetings to enable our consultant to obtain a holistic view, understanding and obtain the context of the specific improvement initiate or issue.


Orientation is the opportunity to collate and assess the inputs, determine how they fit into everything else we collectively know about the situation, identify options for action, and weight the potential consequences of those actions. It’s about thinking about what those inputs mean in context, and this understanding is necessary in order to make informed decisions in the next step (Decide). Our goal is to work with you to identify the required actions and craft an action plan for approval and execution.


Based on the output of the Orientation step in the OODA process – we need to make a decision. The blessing and the curse of leadership is that ultimately a decision must be made consciously to execute the action plan.


Once the decision is made, execution becomes paramount and the Fox ITSM Consultant will, via agreed meetings and workshops provide coaching and advice as your team executes on the pre-defined action plan. This is also where the cycle starts anew and we observe the effects of the agreed actions, the changes since we last observed the environment, people and situation, note the differences, and repeat the cycle as required.

Key Benefits