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Agile Digital Services (AgileDS®)

Agile Digital Services (AgileDS®)

Agile Digital Services (AgileDS®) Overview

Launched in 2019, Agile Digital Services (AgileDS®) offers the best of both, drawing form the successes of the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) and AgilePM, this training and certification scheme is ideal for individuals working in a digital services environment.

Learn how to develop a consistent approach, common language and a skilled workforce for the successful design, delivery and evolution of digital services.

The AgileDS syllabus, Foundation and Practitioner courses and exams are based on the AgileDS Handbook. The AgileDS Handbook has emerged from the Agile Business Consortium’s work, bringing together valuable learning from the background and experience both of general agile approaches and that of GDS. It focuses on developing and continuously improving services using agile concepts and techniques.

Agile Digital Services Lifecycle

Why AgileDS?

To be successful, organisations need to be agile and able to react quickly to an ever-evolving business landscape and fierce competition.  And it’s far from just the private sector; governments and local authorities have a great opportunity to embrace the shift to digital and revolutionize services they provide to citizens. From personalised services in health and social care for the elderly at home, to tailored learning in education and access to culture, the tools, techniques, technology and approaches of the internet age offer greater opportunities than ever before to improve services.

Digital Services are focused on ensuring user needs are met. In fact, the guidance states “start with user needs” and “build services not websites” as two of its design principles, helping create and run great digital services. The guidance is well tried, shown to work, and drawing increasing attention across the world.

AgileDS helps practitioners to understand the:

  • Underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile Digital Services in a project situation.
  • Lifecycle of an Agile and Digital Services project.
  • Effective application of key Agile techniques.
  • Roles and responsibilities within an AgileDS project.
  • Mechanisms for planning, control and governance of an AgileDS project.
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